Holiday PAUSE

I know a lot of you are worried about me being dead, and I’m not going to lie — for a while I was pretty close. But it turns out this is just Jewish High Holiday season, so I have a lot of family in town visiting and I’ve been too busy to blog. Not that I really celebrate the holidays anymore, but I’m not going to give my family the finger and type furiously away at my computer in a small corner of the house (I’d just be verbal about my disdain. Ha. Kidding. My family is great).

Coincidentally, some real life job opportunities are popping off at the same time, and I’ve spend the past few days getting those things straight. Because frankly, I really need to start working. I can only sustain myself with page views for so long. But the good news is, I should be back tomorrow with a post. Ideally.

No promises.

Promises for Sunday night at the latest though.


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