What I’m doing, part 3: Writing

Yeaaaah, this post is going to be a little different than normal, and probably a bit shorter. However, since my favorite comics are also mostly the ones I’m reading, it seems pointless to write about that. So, to replace that category, I decided to take a different route by telling you what I’m writing (other than this blog, dummy).

Anyway, some background first. Like I said, don’t expect this to go on for too long (we’re talking records levels of brevity here folks. I know you’re crying inside.) because I don’t want to give to much away for legal reasons. When, down the road, this series is about to be published, I don’t want people to come here and find a bunch of stuff that makes that impossible. And since I’m not a lawyer who studied publishing law (assuming that’s a thing. It’s gotta be a thing), I’m just gonna play it safe and be conservative. Ok, we established that stuff, let’s get on to the main event.

I started writing this series in the beginning of 2009, during the second half of my senior year of high school. My inspiration came from trolling this article on Wikipedia. I guess it was a morbid time in my life (I was still getting over being dumped by my first girlfriend. Little fun fact for ya there…). So reading this article sparked a thought in my mind — a thought I’m not going to share with you because spoilers. But that thought, and that Wikipedia article, also sparked a keen interest in physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. While I started formulating the premise of this series, I spent a long time teaching myself as many scientific concepts as I could understand (which turned out to be a lot!).

My early drafts were complete garbage, as expected, and I really didn’t have any idea of what I was doing. But not rushing things turned out to be the right idea, because it helped me figure things out before ruining them forever with my inferior writing ability. Also, I was still a damn kid and couldn’t actually write for shit. I mean, I was better than a lot of people in my high school — maybe even most (when it came to fiction)! It took going to college to make me realize I was good, but not some hot shot who was going to publish my first book before graduating.

Granted, I wasn’t allowed to write about my book for my college fiction classes, and I was a little too preoccupied with college life to write often. But I did think about the series for many hours every day, and I built up my notes and started drafts constantly. I’d do occasional passes through everything I wrote, too, weeding out the crap and finding new connections (for awesome levels of complexity!). I got pretty far one time, too, but I have since started back at the beginning. I’m almost caught up to where I was, again, though (a lot of clauses on that sentence).

And here is the moment you’re waiting for: when I describe what it’s kind of about! Imagine a drum roll in your head (maybe even this drum roll).

THE DUALIST CYCLE, BOOK ONE (title to be decided).

You won't understand WHY an eye with stars in it is important yet, but you will some day.

You won’t understand WHY an eye with stars in it is important yet, but you will some day.

For a long time the first book was actually called Dualist, but I decided that name fit the whole series better. Regardless, here’s what it’s about.

In the far distant future, after the Earth has long since been forgotten, humanity prospers under the leadership of their ruler: the Solarch. For as long as anyone can remember, the Solarch has guided humanity as its greatest member, teaching society how to master the ways of the universe and conquer the stars. Though some have tested his power in the past, none could ever hope to match the strength of history’s only dualist. And while the rest of humanity is gifted with the ability to shape either the physical world or the minds of those around them, only the Solarch is capable of both. Or at least, he was — until Roland.

At the same time one of the Solarch’s top agents disappears while investigating a rebellious cult, Roland learns he is history’s second dualist. Despite his own troubles, the Solarch soon takes Roland under his wing, teaching him in a way only another dualist can. And when Roland learns to control his powers, the Solarch gives him a very important task — finding the missing agent and uncovering the true intentions of the cultists. But as Roland leads a team of shapers in a search across the empire, he begins to realize the Solarch may have more in store for him than mere tutelage. And after being forced into a handful of life-or-death situations at the Solarch’s behest, Roland isn’t exactly sure whom he can trust.

So yes, that’s the main concept. And if any of that wasn’t clear, I’m sorry. As a point of clarification, though, a dualist is a kind of shaper. Most shapers can either “shape” (get it?) the physical, material world, or the immaterial mental one. Think telekinesis versus telepathy, only with my own take on it. A dualist, as you can imagine, is capable of both types of shaping. Also yes, the Solarch is really fucking old. Is he immortal? I don’t know (of course I do). Is Roland going to be just like him? Well, let me ask you this question first: do you even care yet? You haven’t read the thing! Ha, kidding. But seriously, I don’t know how much more I’m willing to reveal until it’s already out.

Also, I’ve planned for five books in this series, with each one focusing on Roland as a main character. I also expect the first book to be around 500 pages, and I’ve gotten a solid 100 down. Also, if the space empire and psychic powers didn’t give it away, this is a sci-fi series (also maybe my blog’s theme clued you in?). But yeah, i think that’s all I have to say for now!

I hope you find this interesting, because otherwise you’re going to feel really stupid when I’m a New York Times best seller and all of your friends love the shit out of all I do.


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