The sound of sci-fi, sweet music to my soul

courtesy of static416, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

Courtesy of static416, a picture of what is probably some library books. But it’s artsy, and relevant. Probably.

I figured, since I’m trying to make a name for myself in the world of science fiction, it’s time to get serious about it. With that in mind I’ve created this blog as my sounding board, so that my voice may reach you, the people. But before we get into any heavy lifting, writing-wise, I figured I’d go through the motions and let you get to know me in the intimate way only a single blog post can deliver.

My name is Jason Krell, and I’m a writer. I currently contribute to Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, as a part of their blog, the Imaginary Papers. I also just graduated from the University of Arizona, in May, with a degree in creative writing and Italian — e si, parleró Italiano con te, se desideri (though that’s not really why we’re both here, is it?).

While at school I was heavily involved at the UA’s newspaper, the Arizona Daily WildcatI worked on both the copy and arts desk, where I served in such capacities as copy chief and online arts editor. On the copy desk I was lucky enough to have proper grammar beaten into me while working with some awesome people to do a job no one really appreciates. And I guess when I was in charge of the desk I got to perpetuate the cycle of grammar-beating, so the circle of life does its job after all. On the arts desk, I got to do more noticeably awesome things, like write about a lot of awesome stuff (like video games, and my opinions on other things, and video games). Being at the Wildcat also got me to some pretty neat places, like E3 (three times, nbd [really though, it’s not a big deal]) and an Associated Collegiate Press conference in Seattle. I had a really wonderful time there, learned a lot, and grew as a writer.

Before that I did the high school thing (I’m working backwards. Have you noticed?). I spent most of my time cultivating my love of video games, all while toiling in futility to finish a horrible fantasy series I’ve long since given up on. It was really bad, and that’s all there is to say on the matter. However, it did lead me to strike a new path down the road of science fiction, so I do have to thank that awful, unfinished series for that. Without it, this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

And once we dial back the clock to before high school, things get a lot less interesting and a lot more silly, because childhood. I did make the decision to be a writer in 8th grade though, so maybe that’s worth mentioning (I’m supes committed to the craft, obvi). Before that I wanted to be stuff like a Paleontologist, and a cashier at Target.

…what? I thought you got to keep the money in the register… I was five!

Anyway, that’s a real brief overview of my life in terms of what’s relevant to this blog. And with that out of the way, I can move onto the next thing I want to talk about — what kind of content you’ll find by (loyally) reading what I write (all while sharing it, constantly, with your friends!).

For the first couple of posts, I’m going to go focus on familiarizing you with me as an individual — otherwise known as telling you what I like and what I do with my time. But let’s be real first:  you’re obviously not going to have a good time reading what I write if we don’t have at least marginally similar interests. So in the interest of being an up-front guy, I’ll help you get a nice picture of what this blog is like.

Also, because I’m a stand-up guy as well, here’s a convenient, bullet-point list of some topics I’m likely to discuss

  • The craft of writing, with a heavy focus on sci-fi and fantasy
  • Pre-existing science fiction (and probably fantasy, since they’re so tied together) literature
  • Games (board-kind, video-kind, and other kinds), with a focus on sci-fi and fantasy titles
  • Comics and stuff (web-kind and manga-kind mostly), with a focus on sci-fi and fantasy series
  • Movies and TV shows with a focus on sci-fi and fantasy series
  • Real world science (and fantasy? Is there such a thing as real world fantasy?) that is super awesome
  • Maybe my life and stuff. After all, this is my blog. Sometimes it’s just going to be about me.

And there you have it folks: the first note for the Sound of Sci-fi is complete.  Please note the mediocre pun and check back soon for a look at my favorite books/games/comics/movies/science things, as well as what I’m currently reading/playing/watching.

I think all of that goes together nicely, don’t you?

– Jason


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